Poliana DeVane(non-registered)
Great website and images, Ron. Nice work!
Josh Chiavaro(non-registered)
Ron your photography is just insanely amazing... at most points just seeing these show beauty and in turn give a feeling of hope... strive broth... give us some good stuff...
Robin Phelps(non-registered)
Great website, hard to choose just one to like.
Judy H.(non-registered)
Hey Ron. Great stuff. I really like the IR series
Darlene Kulesa(non-registered)
Hi Ron. Not sure if you remember me, but friend of Liz. I am in awe of your wonderful photos and framing work. Best of luck to you. Beautiful work. Peace, Darlene
Marshall Hoebel
This is absolutely amazing stuff. You're quite talented Ron. I will be purchasing quite a few of these in the near future to hang on every wall in my office building. You have an amazing eye and I can't wait to place my first order.
I may be biased, since I am your sister - but this is a Great Start! Can't wait to see the photos that you have yet to add! I haven't noticed yet, but do you include pricing and how to order? I'll look for those after I send this, I guess I should have looked more closely first, eh? ;-)
Ron Douros Framing & Photography
Welcome to RonDouros.com!
I hope you enjoy my site! Let me know what you LIKE and what you think I need to improve....
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